The Stockholm Treaty Lab Prize is an innovation contest. The grand prize will be awarded to the contestant team that drafts a forward-looking, innovative and workable model treaty that aims to encourage investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation. A treaty that, if implemented, would create transparent, stable and enforceable investment policy regimes. A treaty that has the potential to encourage investors to fund low-carbon projects, support technological innovation, and otherwise invest in a sustainable future.


We believe that in order to be successful, contestant teams must be multidisciplinary – and include lawyers, economists, scientists, and climate change experts. We envision that teams will draw inspiration from the existing regime of international investment agreements, which encourages foreign investments by ensuring market liberalization, fair treatment of investors, and neutral enforcement through arbitration. But we are hoping that contestant teams will use their combined expertise to think outside of the box and draft creative and innovative treaties.


The winner will be offered broad exposure and an opportunity to engage in this important question on a global level. More detailed information on the prize will be available soon.